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everyday (24/7)

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Pay per Click (PPC) Services

Modern days internet is taking prime space for getting easy business for any companies, when we talk about internet marketing it starts with the Search Engine Marketing on search engines, PPC which is known as Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click or Sponsored promotions. While PPC may give you the instant gratification of being on "First Page" of the search results, there are still several steps to ensure your PPC campaign ultimately delivers a return on investment that meets your business goals.

The PPC Process at AdScribe India Inc. a little like this:

Account set-up

We'll handle all the details of setting up your account and analytics tracking in Google or other paid platforms. It,s essential to get set up correctly from the get-go…if you want to avoid reporting disasters down the road. And believe us, you want to avoid reporting disasters down the road.

Keyword Research

We,ll research the keywords and phrases on which you should bid, conduct competitor research, and get a full understanding of the PPC landscape in your industry. We,ll also talk to you to see what keywords you think are most important.

Establish a budget

You choose how much you want to spend each month, then we,ll handle the PPC bid management process. Your bid, combined with your overall quality score, determine your ad,s placement on the page. The more popular and "in demand" your keywords are, the more you,re likely to spend for each click.

Get creative

We,ll create ads that are specific, highly targeted, and most of all, encourage visitors to click through to your site. We do this through persuasive calls to action, targeted special offers, promotions, and more.

Landing pages

A great ad needs to take visitors to a great landing page. We,ll create optimized landing page content that leads them toward your ultimate goal - conversions.

Test and refine

We,ll closely monitor your PPC campaign to see what works and what doesn,t, then refine the process by keeping the ads with the best results.

We,re not being overly dramatic when we say that thorough, methodical and timely reporting data is essential to a PPC campaign. A well-implemented PPC campaign hinges on accurate tracking of the numbers, followed by accurate interpretation of said numbers.

The good news is that with the right account set-up and tracking in place from the start - and a seasoned practitioner running your PPC campaign - this is not difficult to do.

With AdScribe India Inc. you can expect to get regular reporting on these PPC metrics:

  • Clicks per ad
  • Number of impressions
  • Click through rate
  • Average cost per click
  • Total ad dollars spent
  • Average position on page
  • Number of conversions
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per conversion

We,ll take it a step further, though, and give meaning to those metrics. We know on a spreadsheet the good may look bad, and wrong might look right. Numbers tell a story, and we,ll help you make sense of what you see and answer the questions we bet you,re thinking.

We help you draw insight from the data:

  • Are the numbers where you expected they would be?
  • Are they up, down, or downright confusing?
  • Are they following trends for this time of year?
  • Did that product or promotion reach necessary business goals?

The potential questions are endless, but you get the idea. A PPC campaign with context; that,s what we do.

Get started on a meaningful PPC campaign with AdScribe India Inc.